Laser Surgery

Benefits associated with the use of the CO2 laser:

More Comfortable

The CO2 laser uses light energy to perform a wide range of periodontal dental procedures without the noise, vibration and pressure associated with the dental drill, and without using a scalpel or blade to make incisions and cause subsequent annoyance with stitches in your mouth.

Less Bleeding and Swelling

Due to its conservative action and coagulating capabilities, the CO2 laser can assist in performing many procedures, which results in little or no bleeding and less post-operative swelling. Minimally invasive treatment leads to quicker and better healing.

Will my insurance carrier cover the use of a laser in Periodontal Therapy?

Before having surgery, consenting to surgery or treatment by laser, always consult with your insurance carrier to determine what procedures are covered under your plan, as well as the extent of coverage.

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