LANAP® Laser Treatment

The latest treatment modalities in Periodontics and Implant disease therapy includes the use of lasers to assist in the regeneration of tissue. Dr. Cote and Dr. Arsuaga take advantage of the body’s own ability to undergo wound healing for the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP).  Using the PerioLase FDA approved laser, this procedure is performed without the need for a scalpel or direct incision and sutures, and in doing so, creates the necessary environment that encourages the regeneration of bone and gum tissue around your teeth.  Compared to traditional gum surgery, the LANAP restores your mouth to health with much less post-operative soreness and pain as well as fewer side effects such as gum recession and teeth sensitivity.  Following closely to the prescribed homecare regimen after treatment results in a significantly decreased chance of gum disease returning in the future.

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