• “I wanted to let your office know that my father passed away. I thank you for all the care you gave him over the many years he visited your office. You might find it interesting to know that while he was in the hospital
    many of the people he encountered were amazed that he still had his own teeth at age 92! This is a tribute
    to your excellent work.”
  • “I have full upper and lower dentures and it was very hard for me to eat. Now that I have dental implants supporting my dentures, it almost feels like my original teeth again. I’m even eating bagels! The doctor and his staff were fantastic and the entire procedure was very easy to go through.”
  • “I wish I would have come here years ago!”
  • “I love to come here. What a wonderful atmosphere!”
  • “I have never been so happy to go to the dentist!”
  • “This office changed my life and my outlook on my oral health!”
  • “Thank you for providing me such great service on my implant surgery.  All was perfect!  Your
    knowledge, patience and caring attitude made me feel so relaxed knowing I was being cared for so well.”


  • “Being a patient here has calmed my nerves like no other dental office that I have ever been in.  Thanks yo your office I am not afraid anymore!”


  • “Thanks for everything you have done for me.  I am a new woman.  The fear of smiling and talking has gone.”


  • “I had neglected my teeth for years because of my fear of dentists and a bad experience I had with a periodontist years ago.  I had such anxiety about the procedure that I had to leave but Dr. Cote or Dr. Arsuaga was so patient with me and really put my fears to rest.  His technique of administering the novicaine was so painless that I instantly felt calmer.  Drs. Cote or Arsuaga really knows how to put you at ease.  His staff members are incredibly nice and so compassionate.  Because I had such anxiety my sister accompanied me and Drs. Cote or Arsuaga was kind enough to allow her to sit in with me during the procedure.  I can’t say enough nice things about Drs. Cote or Arsuaga and his staff.  I highly recommend Drs. Cote or Arsuaga.”


  • “This was my first visit, and this is a 5 star operation.”
  • “My husband, also a new patient, and I were absolutely impressed by the service rendered to us.  We were nervous, but both Drs. Cote or Arsuaga and Dr. Cote were very professional, kind and caring as was the rest of the staff.” – Anonymous
  • “I like the friendly, yet professional attitude of the staff. I appreciate the phone reminder because I don’t always read my email.”- G.H.
  • “I was very impressed with the quality of the work done by Drs. Cote or Arsuaga, and his attention to detail.  The office had the latest in technology, the staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the billing was very reasonable.  I had the work done approximately one year ago and haven’t had a problem since.  I would highly recommend for anyone needing quality periodontal work.” – Bruce
  • Latest in technology, attention to details, friendly staff/assistants and thorough examination with clear explanations.  Also ran on schedule, rare these days in most Dr. offices.  Highly recommend Drs. Cote or Arsuaga“. Laurence J.
  • I had a great experience with Drs. Cote or Arsuaga‘s work.  I had bone grafting and an implant.  The pricing for the procedure was pretty reasonable as well.  The work he did  was superb and the procedure went smoothly.  The office is very clean, staff is very professional and the equipment used is very up to date.  He explained details of my procedure well.  He was also very gentle and did not rush through anything with me”. Latasha
  • Great periodontist!  I just had a periodontal graft done by Drs. Cote or Arsuaga and it was amazing.  I did not feel any pain, in fact, I felt so relaxed and calm since he has soothing music on such as Bob Marley, while he performs the procedure.  He lets you choose which flavor anesthesia you like…I mean unbelievable!  His office has state of the art technology and flat screens on the ceiling to watch while you are having the work performed.  The staff is very friendly and Drs. Cote or Arsuaga is very calm and professional.  I’m so happy with the outcome of my graft and I’m going Monday to get an implant and it’s so funny that I’m looking forward to it, not fearful of pain at all”. Kari A.
  • The office was very nice.  The staff very professional.  I would recommend all of my friends and family to your office. T.S.
  • I really appreciated the cleanliness of the office and I loved how comfortable both Dentists made me feel.  I’m glad I can smile again. B.